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  • Franny Ryan

    Barry, copying content from the Volant page (as secret group on Facebook) and making it public on your blog is a grave violation of the privacy of the members, as well as an infringement of their copyright. Please remove the text you copied from Volant and the references' to specific members' names at once.

    • Barry Kort

      Feel free to lodge your objections with the authorities.

      I maintain I have an unalienable right to tell the true story of my own life.

      • Barry Kort

        I don't know about you, Franny, but I don't appreciate being jerked around or bullied. If there are some who are given to engage in that behavior, you may rest assured I will simply tell the true story of my experiences, and invite anyone who cares to lodge their objections to that practice.

        You are free to praise it or curse it, as you see fit.

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